Although the project is not complete yet, the idea is: In 2020/2021 we have seen rise of audio only social platform like Clubhouse, Twitter Space, Spotify Greeroom,etc. In addition, platforms like & reshapes how people can gather online. Idea of Space-FS is to make similar platform for atrist to host like audio events.Upon Building such platform in the Web3 enables us to add the incentives mechanism to both parties specially for the independent artist. When an artist hosts the events and supporters joins it the game theroy can be developed as: a) Artist They can reach out to wide audience round the globe & option to get paid by the supporters joining the room from the NFT ticket sales. b) Supporter For supporters we can add reward system based on NFT. for example: a supporter attending 5 events gets a certain NFT that allows him to have: * Discounts for upcomming events * Special spots on the events *The NFT can be also be sold later * many more economic models can be adopted here

Space FS showcase

How it's made

The project is in an incomplete situtation. The goal was to create a decentralized live audio event hosting platform where the user pays live via superfluid steaming. But I couldn't implement the live audio. Only basic event hosting and superfluid streaming are done. Also, based on the incoming stream the participants are remapped to the canvas world. They can view the host and other participants in an avatar form. THe app uses IPFS for storing all events data, Matic as the blockchain network, and superfluid for real-time token streaming.

Technologies used