We are Spect. In this hackathon, we have built a reputation based deal making protocol that makes it easy for contributors to contribute to Web 3.0 projects and the projects to find talented contributors. Our team saw a problem with the way work is currently being done in web3. Currently, the most common way for people to contribute to Web 3.0 projects and DAOs is through grants. They are a good way to build out an ecosystem on top of an existing project but most grant applications currently are submitted by people who have already been involved with the project's community for sometime and have a good understanding about the project. Web3 projects therefore don’t readily have access to a large global talent pool Grants work well for larger projects and contributions, however it is somewhat hard for smaller byte sized work to get done in an early stage project without the same amount of capital or community. Work such as designing a landing page, writing documentation, creating a logo, or editing videos need to get done but there is very little time and bandwidth that small teams have to do them especially when they are trying to build the core product or service. For newcomers looking to contribute, the plethora of Web3 projects to pick from can be overwhelming. Contributors also need to spend upfront time without an income to get a good understanding of the project’s ecosystem before they can meaningfully contribute. Spect is a solution to these problems. Spect makes it possible for contributors to start contributing meaningful work to Web3 projects and earning an income the day they set up a Metamask wallet. Spect also makes it possible for projects to complete byte sized work by hiring the best person for the job from a global talent pool.

Spect showcase

How it's made

Web3.Storage Spect uses to store all submission and assets related to a project. + Polygon Mumbai Testnet The Spect protocol is currently deployed on the Polygon (previously Matic Network) Mumbai Testnet. + Chainlink Price Feeds Chainlink price feeds is used to receive the conversion rate between the DSpect token and a stable coin. This is because labeling fees are calculated in stable coin but the fees are paid out in DSpect token so that fees don't fluctuate based on the price of the DSpect token. Currently, we assume 1 DSpect = 1 Matic. This is because we dont have any liquidity for the DSpect token in any liquidity pools. In testnets, this is okay for testing and demo purposes but in the future we hope to provide liquidity for the actual Spect token and have direct conversion between USD and Spect. + For more information, please visit our documentation site here:

Technologies used