The Mango Jelly ( is a crowdsourcing platform for awesome content creation. We are helping creators build the future of financial freedom. During HackFS, we built a solution for creators to earn passive income using NFTs. How? Sell merch with your NFTs. Discover The Mango Jelly's NFT plus Print on Demand solution. This is our first foray into blockchain development.

The Mango Jelly @ HackFS showcase

How it's made

We used NFT storage based on IPFS/Filecoin for minting artworks as NFTs. For an e-commerce storefront, we used Shopify with Printful for Print On Demand. To enable crypto payments we used Coinbase Commerce with Shopify. We also used Printful's APIs for selling NFT art as merch. Other tools: ReactJS, node.js, ScaffoldETH, Figma, Canva. We have built the first version as part of this hackathon as an MVP. We plan to add more monetization plus integration tools and utilities for ease.

Technologies used