This Social NFT project uses Oauth to sign in with gmail and add NFT to a token curated playlists. I also am using Polygon for Layer 2, along with SKALE chain and the Cosmos SDK for Trapchain is deployed on Digital Ocean. The backend is build with Django and Google all-auth with Torus wallet and I am using scaffold-eth and IPFS for file storage. Also used Fleek, Ceramic and Textile.

Trapchain showcase

How it's made

I am using django with Web3.Storage, and OAuth Gmail to sign users up and send out an email with the metadata to the token curated playlist with a flashbot. I build each application layer and deployed the dapp on heroku for the react-js-django and I am using a NEO4j database and GraphQL for API routes. I've also used some chainlink contracts for offchain data and I have ens namespaces for trapchain.eth

Technologies used