Unstoppable clubs provide creators to create clubs on the blockchain where they can share their content with the members. Everything is decentralised. Only the members can view the content. Memberships are NFTs so Members can also sell their membership later at higher prices. The Application has the following parts. A dashboard to manage your club as well as add posts to the club. A landing page with list of clubs. A page to see posts of different clubs you are subscribed to.

Unstoppable Clubs showcase

How it's made

We use metamask for public-private key encryption. Files are encrypted with AES-CBC and the encryption key is then encrypted with member public keys and stored on IPFS using textile. The unlock Protocol is used to keep track of memberships and each club is modelled as a lock. We also have a smart contract that mints each content post as an NFT and keeps track of their location in Textile.

Technologies used