Upld is a video sharing website built on top of IPFS. The main goal of the platform is to be able to provide content creators with the ability of monetizing their contents, without filling up their users screentime with ads. This is done by allowing users to monetize their content directly through subscriptions, supported by the Unlock Protocol. This also avoids the necessity of secondary websites like Patreon. Moderation is community based, and incentivized by the operating token UPLD. Channels stake UPLD to exist, and if they are subject to multiple strikes against the rules, their funds are slashed. On the other hand, users are incentivized to moderate by giving them rewards in the form of the token, which are withdrawn if they act in bad faith (if the content was wrongfully moderated).

Upld showcase

How it's made

UPLD uses IPFS as its data layer, where it stores videos, channel data and video metadata. We also use Unlock to handle subscriptions and monetization, and Audius to link to background music used by the videos (if any). UPLD has a smart contract that acts as a registry in the Polygon mainnet, in which the channels are created and their videos added, and where the staking happens.

Technologies used