Web3comics is a web3 application published in the Polygon testnet Mumbai where comic creators can publish content page by page and readers can support their favorite authors by purchasing and collecting NFTs of the publications. It uses Ceramic network and IDX to handle the users profile which allow users to post comments with their identities. Readers will be able to purchase NFTs of the comic pages they like and the amount will be transferred to the author.

web3comics showcase

How it's made

We used ceramic IDX to show the user's profiles. Comics, their pages and user comments are stored in TileDocuments from ceramic. We chose Ceramic so that authors can publish new pages to their comics in a mutable data streams, as well so that users can continuously post more comments. Images are stored in IPFS/Filecoin using and some tools from, we didn't used for storing metadata because I noticed the API was too slow and sometimes timeouted. For the blockchain we chose Polygon (Mumbai testnet) since this allows faster transfer and low fees which is a priority in a platform where the NFTs sold could cost than the Ethereum L1 fees

Technologies used