This project uses Uniswap V2, Portis and ENS to achieve multiple swaps in a single 1-click transaction, no approvals needed. Save time and gas by doing multiple transactions with BundleFI. Easy to use and powerful. Also have the POC contracts for 1-click migration from Compound to AAVE using DsProxy and AAVE flash loans integrations, but run out of time to integrate the UI. BundleFi 1-click transactions brings the experience of DeFI mobile wallets to your existing wallets like metamask, ledgers, portis, etc.

Bundle Finance showcase

How it's made

We built this project using a smart contract wallet from MakerDao called DsProxy that is widely used by Vault Users and its already audited and in mainnet. Leverage these existing set of Smart Contracts we built on top of it a set of tools to make multi-swappinga great experience with 1-click swapping and sending of a basket of multiple tokens. The vision is to build a set of small contained scripts (UNIX philosophy) that can work with the DsProxy to make all interactions with DeFI protocol as easy as 1-click. We started the POC for 1-click for lending and savings migration between Compound and AAVE using flash loans, with a bit more time we will finish the integration after the hack.