Description is money legos make visible! It is a visual tool, where anyone can manually connect DeFi instruments and compose more complex DeFi operations. It can be used by teachers, students, developers, testers. Basically anyone who wants to teach, learn, play or use DeFi composability. For example you can compose a graph that receives ETH, it converts it to DAI using Uniswap, then those DAI to USDC with Curve and finally split it into two different addresses. From flashswaps of UniswapV2 to Lending in Compound, there are many instruments you can try to compose. Of course you can execute what you compose and convert your tokens! Transaction of the demo video: showcase

How it's made

This project has one smart contract for each DeFi instrument that knows how to interact with it. Each new Defi composition (known as graph) is created also as a smart contract and it calls the first mentioned smart contracts depending on the instruments it has. The dapp purely connects to Ethereum blockchain to read and write. There is no central database involved. We used solidity + react + javascript + web3 + visual library to create graph.