Defend.Money is a set of smart contracts that manage a pool of risk-sharing funds. Users can deposit funds into Defend.Money's smart contracts, through which they enter a shared-risk pool. Users deposit funds in Defend.Money, and the smart contracts direct a portion of the funds AAVE or another lending platforms to earn interest and acts as a risk-based capital to compensate users in case the value of their insured assets decline. The protocol runs autonomously on the Ethereum blockchain. Smart contracts ensure security, credibility, and remove the need for intermediaries. showcase

How it's made

Define a series of frameworks through smart contracts, including Insurance Pool , Token Pool and compensation logic. Integrate DeFi building blocks like Uniswap , AAVE ,Kyber and Chainlink. Test and deploy to the chain with Remix and solidity. Get interface address and get Web3 data from Infra interface. Render with Vue framework and deploy to server.