DeFi BTC showcases the DeFi capabilities for Bitcoin once BTC is converted to pBTC. DeFi BTC leverages Ethereum and DeFi composability to add new features to Bitcoin. Using DeFi BTC you can deposit Bitcoin and get equivalent pBTC (Powered by pTokens). The pBTC tokens can be redeemed for Bitcoin anytime. You can then swap pBTC to ERC20 tokens like WBTC, DAI, USDT, etc (Powered by Uniswap V2). You can then deposit any Aave supported tokens to earn interest using aTokens. e.g. Deposit WBTC to earn interest using aWBTC. You earn interest for every Ethereum block. The aTokens can be redeemed to get Tokens back anytime. DeFi BTC also allows you to easily Stream tokens like pBTC, WBTC, DAI, Aave Interest Bearing Tokens, etc (Powered by Sablier). You can also redeem tokens from the stream in a single click. DeFi BTC also allows you to send or receive any ERC-20 Tokens like aDAI, pBTC, DAI, etc. You can also use our open source project to process ERC-20 token payments for aDAI, pBTC, DAI, etc. It is a non custodial solution which allows you to trigger your own purchase flow on transfer confirmation.

DeFi BTC showcase

How it's made

The frontend for DeFi BTC is powered by React JS. The Dapp utilizes Smart Contracts from pTokens, Aave, Uniswap V2, WETH and Sablier. The supported login options are Metamask and Portis. The frontend is hosted on Netlify and Sia Skynet. ERC 20 payments processor utility is powered by Nodejs. DeFi BTC - ERC-20 Payments -