DonorBox is a unified crowd funding platform for Donors/investors to donate/fund NGO's or Start Ups in accordance with realistic target and performance.


This project provides the donor a browser-based frontend to list down all the fundraisers initiated by the NGOs. Donors can wholeheartedly donate as much amount as they wish to in cryptocurrency. Besides if they feel that NGO is not performing up to their mark they are provided an option to withdraw money back to their account if their money has not been sent to NGO for goodwill. NGO initiates a fundraiser with a target to achieve and this target is distributed in 3 milestones, on achieving a milestone fundraiser transfers all the money collected to their respective NGO. If a milestone has not been hit, donors can withdraw the amount transferred.

How it's made

We are using EthVigil API to access the contract functions and perform web3 calls, MongoDB for storing values, and Node JS for running the backend.