Flash 4 All is a platform meant to make it extremely simple to utilize flash loans for trading. We found inspiration from DeFi-Snaps, Pool Together, and FlashBoys DAO. The app uses two different arbitrage strategies to find the best 5 trade opportunities on decentralized exchanges. Our MVP showcases that we can find positive trades to execute on with no prior knowledge or training. Additionally, we plan to add the ability to handle automated arbitrage trades using interest earning tokens(ex: aDai, cMKR, cLink). This is really cool and huge value add for those wanting the simplicity of passive and active earning.

Flash 4 All ⚡ showcase

How it's made

This project uses a python for the arbitrage algorithm. We grab price data from multiple feeds and compare possible paths to execute a arbitrage trade. Additionally we use flask to connect our react front end and redis server to handle the storage of this data. We built a smart contract from scratch to handle single transactions required to use flash loans. The contract supports uniswap V1 and V2 as well as Kyber Network. Lastly, we used react to build out the frontend. Our goal was to build a minimum lovable product that users will enjoy and earn a little money in the process. We have built out additional designs here that we will add post the hackathon. Link here: