Flash Loans are great tools for Defi Users and Investors. The ability to have whale like liquidity within one click is a boon to have. Normal people with great knowledge of financial system but not so much money can easily leverage this liquidity. But what proves to be an issue is the inability to write a smart contract to make it happen. That's where our Dapp comes in it helps connect all those developers who know how to write flash loans with those who doesn't but still want to use them. Anyone who has written a smart contract for flashloan can submit their smart contract with some minor tweaks based on our guidelines, and any user can use them in three simple clicks, without having to worry about knowing how it is working. Both the Developer and User benefits from this ecosystem. 1. We are giving 0.045% fee to the developer of smart contract of the total amount transacted with his contract. 2. We are providing with complete interface for users to deploy their Aave flashloan contract and execute the Flash Loan and then withdraw assets. 3. We have some guidelines that needs to be followed for submitting the contract, thus to ensure right contract is on our platform. 4. Our platform also has a reputation system, thus more reputed developer's contract will can be identified with ease. Features - - Add Flash Contracts known as Swifts - Deploy and Execute Swifts - Rate different Swifts based on performance and functionality - Dashboard for Deployed Swifts management Project Future - - Ability to make a community around flash loans. With discussions more useful use cases can come out. - Other dapps like Uniswap and Instadapp are coming out with their own version of Flash Loans and our dapp can be the go to platform for anyone wanting to use them. Screenshots - Tech Stack Used - React - Web3 - Portis - SIA Skynet - Solidity - Truffle - 3Box

Flash Zaps showcase

How it's made

1. We are using react for building the website. 2. We have written a simple linter to ensure that he person submitting smart contract is following our norms. 3. We are using 3Box to maintain profile and all the data. 4. Data like Contract code are all stored on SIA. 5. We deploy new contracts for users with web3js. 6. Ultimately we are Building a platform that would benefit aave and other flashloan providers(once we include those as well).