This project makes a bot written in Java available to users and people who have lots of fun developing on the blockchain. Currently, the bot trades DAI <-> ETH/WETH on Oasis and Uniswap V1 depending on the state of the peg. This might earn the user a profit and also provide liquidity to the DAI peg. Currently, the user's profit depends mostly on the Ethereum volatility. The bot can also bid on the flip auctions of the MakerDAO system. Keeper diversity might help prevent the next black Thursday. If there has been no market action for a while and if it is profitable to earn interest in the short term, then the bot even puts the DAI into Compound. The source code might help other developers with how to handle scaled numbers, gas stuff, price feeds, its focus on extensive logging, test coverage and sonarlinting.

How it's made

Java, Web3j, Price feeds of several websites, Persistent scripts of Oasis, Uniswap, Compound, Maker, Weth, Dai etc.pp. Logback, S4FJ frameworks (see github dependency list)