I wanted to test if I could learn javascript coding and ethereum coding in a month and see what I can build. While taking the javascript class and the react class and playing with the code, I noticed that I mostly depend on friends, or mentors if you will. Who can guide and help me with my newb questions. So I started to build a tool that would be able to scale that relationship. And help people learn about Ethereum faster, from their friends, but also friend's friends, etc. The idea is best compared to existing services: The reputation mechanism is similar to stackoverflow or reddit karma. But the interface is a passive feed, filtering public messages through your web-of-trust, similar to twitter. But contrary to building another website similar to those services, or to an "Ethereum wiki", I think a simple note tool chrome extension doesn't distract people as much. Instead they can simply "keep it on" in the background and the system shows them the most relevant messages. Also it makes it much easier to link a TLDR or similar content from another site. Just as easy as bookmarking. Relevancy is decided 1) by the user defining their contacts by importing from twitter or any other social network or following in the IPFS based network and 2) by their contact's upvotes. Again, similar to twitter. This information about social relationships between the humans behind ETH addresses (onchain reputation) might be useful beyond my app, eg. for onchain governance. Finally I added bounties, as an "exchange", matching people who need information and set a price for it, to a network of information curators. I am looking forward to the feedback, and hope my tool can become a playground for information business models, beyond advertisement.

KontextApp showcase

How it's made

To abstract away complex web3 interactions, I am using Portis web3 provider. It's great for my use case because the login is pretty similar to what newcomers are used to from the web2. And it's especially nice in this app, because users can skip signing loads of confusing IPFS messages. I built a chrome addon and a demo page, using React. I use 3box to access IPFS, to save content, and to track the relationships between ETH addresses.