League of Pools aims to be the easy first step anyone can take to get their feet wet in DeFi. LOP is a game that allows anyone to invest in DeFi easily and withdraw their deposit. Users learn about DeFi pools by receiving messages before a level. In order to unlock the pool the user must complete a level of the LOP platform game. Then users deposit in the pool contracts and the pool contracts automatically deposit the funds in DeFi liquidity and lending platforms' (Aave,Compound,Uniswap,Balncer...etc) pools. Note: we thought about users directly depositing in DeFi platforms through web3 interface, minimizing smart contracts. But went for the first option to finance the gas fees of the game by capturing fees.

League of Pools showcase

How it's made

We used pixijs for the game development and portis for the user friendly wallet. We wanted to use OpenGSN for the fees. At the beginning we had all four liquidity-pool providers: Aave, Compound, Uniswap and Balancer but testing revealed many problems. We used truffle and ganache. We tested using a mainnet fork in ganache-cli and unlock rich people's account. We also used many contract of the openzeppelin library.