Learn & Earn

We want to help students online anywhere in the world get new skills and make some money along the way too.


The current higher education systems like universities and colleges are often not accessible to low social-economic groups. The system often misses out on valuable talent, simply because some people are unable to afford university tuition in the range of $10,000 to $30,000 a year. Massive online learning platforms (MOOCs) like Khan Academy and Coursera could reduce the costs of educations. MOOCs are accessible to students from around the world, especially those in developing countries who have no financial resources to attend universities. Learn & Earn's vision is to reach out to all students who are willing to learn and gamify the learning process so that more students would complete their online courses. We also want to enable students to earn financial rewards if they complete courses. This may be a critical factor for many people in the developing world, as they may have to support themselves or their families. With near-zero interest rates in developed countries, people are not incentivized to save. Learn & Earn will incentivize students to save even with a small amount of money by staking and lending. Furthermore, if there is a shortage of a particular skillset in the labor market, governments and employers could promote relevant courses by staking their funds via Learn and Earn to increase financial rewards for students who take those courses. Learn & Earn will act as a catalyst for changing the way that we look at education, promoting saving through learning and eventually lead students to a better employment opportunity and financial security.

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How it's made

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