NFTWallets allows you to create Smart contract based wallets that can: - Store you assets (ERC20, 721, 777); - Perform DeFi operation such as swapping, leanding, borrowing, ...; - Manipulate bitcoin; - Be controlled through gasless meta-transactions; - Be transferred to another account. Can be controlled by Metamask or Portis (for now) through ENSLogin. Expendable (see ERC2525) This makes it more easy then ever to transfer bundles of assets or DeFi positions (colleral + associated loan). The NFWallets being ERC721 NFTs means you can be creative on how you handle ownership of bundles of assets. You can use a NFWallet as collateral on RocketNFT, or traded it on Opensea... Frontend is available through various mechanism (including centralized/decentralized) - - http://nfwallets.kitsune-wallet.eth/ - ipfs://QmV9rhLVng5JfrZmwJE5G7FNAqyCXFmEQcqH2hDRmjwQMw - skynet://CADctfKBMOgac5pyQ4_17j2azy6GrNeUOeHognwE0SLl6g

How it's made

- Contracts in Solidity, with binding to support GSN - Thegraph to index data - React frontend (with uniswap, ptoken, aave, compound modules - Frontend available using Web2 server / ENS+IPFS / ENS+SIA - Login using ENSLogin (ERC2525), a project I develop since EthBerlin ... also, time, sweat, dedication and love