This project demonstrates the use of the OMG network for eth and erc20 transactions. Specifically, it demonstrates Ethereum's ability to act as a highly scalable layer-2 protocol through the integration of pBTC (because the OMG network's consensus is an extension of ETH). Additionally, with Portis' unique web3 login, the application is aimed at getting more casual users interested in ethereum scalability.

Omisario showcase

How it's made

This project utilizes Portis's login schema to allow casual users to access the application. On each unique refresh, a temporary wallet is supplied with enough pbtc and eth to support the game session. We then track coin collection and on a regular basis send ajax requests to our node server to facilitate further OMG network transaction creation and submission. We also track level completion and when appropriate send ajax requests to similarly send pBTC using the OMG childchain. Late Edit/Note: The pBTC balance has a graphical error in the live deployment. We recommend a local build to ensure the graphical error isnt an issue.