We’ve spent the last few months refining liquidity provisioning experiences across DeFi. Uniswap V1 has been our main focus and we are happy to see improved UX bring in more new users into Uniswap, and ultimately into DeFi. Today we’re excited to introduce another new feature to help reduce liquidity fragmentation throughout DeFi - Pool Pipes. What’s a Pool Pipe? -Unipooling easily adds/removes liquidity to/from any pool. -Multipooling adds liquidity across multiple pools at the same time. -Pool pipes seamlessly rebalance liquidity between pools.  How does it work? Let’s assume you’re in the sETH pool on Uniswap earning trading fees + SNX rewards.  You noticed that Synthetix just started distributing SNX rewards to Curve sUSD liquidity providers as well. To reallocate some of your liquidity from Uniswap sETH Pool into Curve’s sUSD Pool, you would need to: 1. Remove liquidity from sETH pool on Uniswap 2. Use ETH portion to buy DAI  3. Use sETH to buy USDC 4. Add DAI + USDC on Curve Uniswap V1 <> Curve Pipe cuts this down to one transaction.

PoolPipes showcase

How it's made

-We used react, truffle, ethers.js, web3.js -Modular pipe contracts between each platform minimize security risks & optimize for slippage. -Front-end shows current pool stats to help you make rebalancing decisions.