a crowdfunding tool for musicians to fund their post production and recording costs. Users contribute, much like kickstarter, but instead of physical rewards they are rewarded with royalties on the streaming revenue the key feature is that the royalties "expire" after a certain amount of payment is received. so that once contributors reach 1.0X 1.5X or some other ratio of their contribution amount the repayment ends and the artist retains future royalties indefinitely.

How it's made

Initially I tried to use ERC777, but switched to ERC20 after finding the 777 guides and examples available to be kind of lacking. The goal was to make a DAI (or some other price stable token) wrapper, where users contribute and receive POP in return, which is redeemable once the contract was filled again by royalties. the focus was the contribute, withdraw, and redeem functions. Some difficulties arose in the pursuit of microtransactions / payment streaming, so I decided to make a callable function to redeem the tokens when royalties start coming in. It seems after building the scaffolding of this project is that It functions similarly to a standard ICO, which is a little discouraging to admit. I wonder where uses of crowdfunding and repayment that are less profit motivated will flourish? I hope it is in the arts.