Local meetups have been a backbone in efforts to increase awareness and adoption of Ethereum to the general public. However in recent years, the enthusiasm behind these have slowed and organizers struggle to continue them: Inspired by Kickback, our project aims to tackle this problem by taking the stake reward idea and applying it to communities that meet up regularly. This provides meetup communities with: 1. An incentive for members to participate in meetups 2. A shared community project that helps community members engage with each other 3. A way for organizers to improve sustainability without relying on handouts How the incentive works: 1. Members stake ETH to RSVP for an event 2. At the event, meetup attendance is taken 3. Attendees of the current event receive payout from the stake in the previous event 4. Stake from the current is used as payout for the next event Incomplete components in hackathon product: - Integration between front-end admin functions and the smart contract - QR code to RSVP for events Future plans: - Implement version 2 of smart contract on the website including governance functions - Integrate the pooltogether builder to customize rewards - Explore strategies to maximize pool by integrating with DeFi platforms - Display proof of attendance NFTs in the UI and develop a reputation system - Add more detail and layers to governance functions - Display a series of meetups in one meetup group better

Slingshot showcase

How it's made

- Smart contracts written in Solidity - Remix was used for automated and manual testing - The frontend part is written in React/Redux - Frontend interacts with smart contracts via ethersjs library (v5 beta) - A lot of on-chain data also kept on MongoDB for faster retrieval (especially comments from participants and their links to event's images / videos that are hosted on Sia Skynet via SDK) - For the UI / UX part we rely on the Material Design patterns from MUI that integrate well with React