Crypto Markets are not so efficient in addresing liquidity when irrational prices of digital assets occurs. That is mainly because liquidity is scarce and not well connected. That make prices manipulation to be extreamly cheap, even more with the possibility to have liquidity for free with the Falsh Loans We build a Smart Contract that will have capital in stable coins with exposure to lending protocols that offers interest rates without too much risk, that can be ready to put in the market when we achieve certain digital assets prices. In order to profit from spike. The project try to profit from Spike movements making more expensive to move the prices

The Wall showcase

How it's made

The project integrates Compound, AAVE and Balancer. The main developments it is Balancer, where we have to create a Pool that can connect the capital to the market to buy digital assets at a irrational prices, and with a High comission. The contract will be reading prices of digital assets, in order to define ground prices and ceiling prices where the protocolo will buy and sell the digital assets. As we are lookin for extreme movement that will happen only in short periods. The capital will be on AAVE or Compound the rest of the time. The integration with Balancer permits us to move fast liquidity to the market and also to comission from trading in that high volume moment with the largest possible fee. As this movements really doesn´t care about comissions.