HackMoney 2021

The largest DeFi hackathon of 2021

Jun 18 2021 - Jul 9 2021
Technology used
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SuperCheckOutHackMoney 2021
SuperCheckOut application that allows a buyer to start STREAMING money to ...
MavrikHackMoney 2021
Building a new UI to crypto via NFTs. We are imagining NFTs as a new major ...
pixels.forsaleHackMoney 2021
A one-of-a-kind set of NFTs whose holders can participate in a global, coll...
NEAHackMoney 2021
We help New Emerging Artists (NEAs) to smooth out their earnings by attract...
Ride or Die
Ride or DieHackMoney 2021
Yield generating commitment contracts tied to Strava activity. Ride your bi...
RaDAO: Minimal & Modern DAO Implementation
RaDAO: Minimal & Modern DAO ImplementationHackMoney 2021
An improved and modernized version of Compound's popular Governor Alpha ^^,
eazy.financeHackMoney 2021
A simple app to bring the awesome world of Defi borrowing and earning - to ...
QuadroHackMoney 2021
Price risk market, that matches risk-takers and risk-averse players.
PlayHouseHackMoney 2021
A House where you can gambling with ERC20 tokens and receive PLAY token rew...
CenturioHackMoney 2021
Nexus Mutual cover recommendation engine based on a wallet assets
VanilaHackMoney 2021
The vanila protocol is a decentralized exchange bringing expirable future c...
CatalystHackMoney 2021
Using on-chain historical transactions of Cryptopunks to create an index th...
Yin Finance
Yin FinanceHackMoney 2021
YIN Finance : Multi-Strategy NFT Liquidity Optimizer. The Solution to Liqui...
GreenEarthNFTHackMoney 2021
Greenearth NFT is animal and plant photos of the Metaverse Original: take ...
flowrollHackMoney 2021
Personal financial management app where you automate your money via streams
SmolChitFund HackMoney 2021
An interest free chit fund pool. The selection turns of fund is based on th...
EccoHackMoney 2021
Ecco is an approachable Web3 commerce and personal finance platform for cre...
SureSwapHackMoney 2021
This app helps you execute trades with the right amount of gas and increase...
Decentralized_MediumHackMoney 2021
Our project aims to decentralize medium and improve the payment structure s...
DeChitFundHackMoney 2021
Chit Funds in DeFi. Chit funds are a type of ROSCA. A group of members woul...
Know Your DeFi
Know Your DeFiHackMoney 2021
Know Your DeFi is a strategy and data platform for Decentralized Finance, p...
PassVaultHackMoney 2021
PassVault is a browser extension built with Inter Planetry File System. Use...
DokodemoDoaHackMoney 2021
All-in-one blockchain explorer. DokodemoDoa can be the best partner with bl...
Western Gate
Western GateHackMoney 2021
Flashbots and related projects are optimizing the measurement and capture o...
DAOMoonHackMoney 2021
Build a DeFi Strategy that by nature provides Liquidity to DAOs that need i...
KombuchaHackMoney 2021
We're building a systematic way for our token and others to drive new capit...
Opyn Easy
Opyn EasyHackMoney 2021
A library for trading options and option strategies on Defi magically
REMIT HackMoney 2021
Remit is a platform which automates cross border transactions and authentic...
ERC777 Token Distributor
ERC777 Token DistributorHackMoney 2021
A Superfluid powered ERC777 token distributor to help easily collect & dist...
EmilyTestProjectHM2021HackMoney 2021
-- this is test data for the ETHGlobal Team, please ignore --
Discord Trading Bot
Discord Trading BotHackMoney 2021
Get price and trade on uniswap from discord. The bot is made using Python.
GrizioHackMoney 2021
We're building a visualisation app for block-chain data. It mainly uses API...
Crypto Commando
Crypto CommandoHackMoney 2021
Automate farming and staking of DeFi assets. Self Custodial.
Unify Protocol
Unify ProtocolHackMoney 2021
We provide the cheapest way to move funds between Ethereum and Polygon
Radical HackMoney 2021
Radical is a decentralized protocol unlocking lifelong income for creators.
Ledger NFT
Ledger NFTHackMoney 2021
This DAPP lets anyone add their digital art to IPFS and then put it on auct...
Hal Finance
Hal FinanceHackMoney 2021
Develop a very simple to use and understand dashboard that manages all your...
EBT.ethHackMoney 2021
Food Stamps meet crypto. DeFi for everyone. EBT.eth allows people on Food S...
MultiflowHackMoney 2021
A dapp to manage and fund decentralized urban jobs from multiple participan...
Enhancer for Snapshot.org Browser Extension
Enhancer for Snapshot.org Browser ExtensionHackMoney 2021
A multi-browser extension to enhance on Snapshot.org user experience
WhitelistedHackMoney 2021
One-stop dashboard for checking against suspicious source of funds
TreasureBuidlHackMoney 2021
With TreasureBuidl you can create complex multi step transactions as NFTs o...
AavelopesHackMoney 2021
NFT based gifting of future yield using Aave and time-locks (but also troja...
Dex volume derivatives
Dex volume derivativesHackMoney 2021
Crypto Derivatives of Decentralized Exchange's Trading Volume
Delegate.fiHackMoney 2021
Use credit delegation from Aave to maximized returns to users who has idle ...
Raise the Colors
Raise the ColorsHackMoney 2021
RPG items as NFTs with history of use, stats, and functions. Ability to pul...
Variable Finance
Variable FinanceHackMoney 2021
A decentralized PoS (Proof Of Sale) mechanism for ERC20 tokens. From Smart ...
Ante Finance
Ante FinanceHackMoney 2021
Empowering protocols to create incentivized on-chain smart tests for fundam...
SocialFIHackMoney 2021
Decentralized credit lending protocol powered by social network and credit ...
Uni V3 Pool Auto Exit
Uni V3 Pool Auto ExitHackMoney 2021
An app to automatically exit uniswap v3 pool positions (stop limits)
Buy Me a Coffee Polygon
Buy Me a Coffee PolygonHackMoney 2021
An extremely easy way for creators to accept Matic from their supporters
Layer Exchange
Layer ExchangeHackMoney 2021
LP token management across exchanges should be easy. This current version i...
Repay Protocol
Repay ProtocolHackMoney 2021
A abstraction layer on top of existing DeFi protocols to add meta transacti...
TopCommitsHackMoney 2021
Own a piece of your favourite open source software - fractional ownership o...
SmartNFTHackMoney 2021
Make smart, interactive, social NFTs which can sing, shine and help you soc...
Dokodemo Door
Dokodemo DoorHackMoney 2021
A new limit order experience, utilising UNISWAP V3 features with 0 trading ...
HokusaiHackMoney 2021
Embedded NFT = Don't need knowledge of Blockchain to create an NFT service.
MedicisHackMoney 2021
Medicis offers a solution for users to deposit capital, ensure capital is g...
Flow State
Flow StateHackMoney 2021
An accounting and transaction tool for the Superfluid Protocol!
Root Kit
Root KitHackMoney 2021
Once launched, Pandemic Tokens spread like a plague, endlessly self replica...
ZKProofs-NFT-SecurityHackMoney 2021
I want to use security from zero knowledge in designing a dapp
RarepressHackMoney 2021
Rarepress is an NFT Operating System for minting, trading, and programming ...
Vega fees dashboard
Vega fees dashboardHackMoney 2021
A Golang batch to store Vega fees data into a PostgreSQL database and a Gra...
SmallStreetDAOHackMoney 2021
A permissionless and transparent non-collateralized community banking serv...
APY - Ape Predict Yield
APY - Ape Predict YieldHackMoney 2021
Yield Token Compounding Dapp built on top of Element, with an accompanying ...
Team Weivy
Team WeivyHackMoney 2021
Learn DeFi with friends by staking your ETH and pooling interest with fun w...
AavesuranceHackMoney 2021
Insurance for Aave users against asset price fluctuations !!!!!!!!
Data Guard (Limiting Data Sharing)
Data Guard (Limiting Data Sharing)HackMoney 2021
Data Guard is new type of Oasis Parcel App that sits between a user (e.g. l...
CiteMeHackMoney 2021
A platform to allow researchers to recieve CiteCoin based on the amount of ...
ClaimableHackMoney 2021
Claimable is a smart contract that allows you to schedule your token releas...
EMPERXORHackMoney 2021
Multi dex tool using some of the latest and most stable DeFi protocols.
Numoen Protocol
Numoen ProtocolHackMoney 2021
A protoccol for on-chain trustless bond swaps on Uniswap v3, built on Ether...
EWalletHackMoney 2021
Non custodial wallet for corporation, non profit or group sharing the same ...
DegamiFiHackMoney 2021
Bringing DeFi to the e-sport betting game space with special bets types
IndexPoolHackMoney 2021
IndexPool simplifies crypto portfolios by leveraging Polygon’s low gas fees...
CreativeHackMoney 2021
A gamified blockchain platform for independent creators, fans, and brands t...
Hoola.ethHackMoney 2021
A DEFI protocol that uses NFTs to distribute shares of the protocols.
UnifiHackMoney 2021
Unifi is a vault-like liquidity manager for Uniswap v3. It provides a marke...
d-Pad Café
d-Pad CaféHackMoney 2021
Join the d-Pad Café to design & Automate a fair, contributions-based Profit...
SolarisHackMoney 2021
Margin trading using 1inch limit order protocol and different lending proto...
AtroposHackMoney 2021
Atropos is an automated escrow contract that reacts to off-chain events wit...
2pi.financeHackMoney 2021
Yield Maximizer and DeFi tools (on top of Polygon for the time being)
OtterscanHackMoney 2021
Open-source, blazingly fast, laptop-friendly, Ethereum block explorer buil...
AzuloHackMoney 2021
Decentralized digital family trust creation, governance, and asset manageme...
BraineumStashHackMoney 2021
A federated-cpu-miner, wallet, running on Braineum, a scaled-up Ethereum sy...
Yield Volatility Oracle
Yield Volatility Oracle HackMoney 2021
A yield volatility oracle and protocol for synthetic derivatives based vola...
LETOHackMoney 2021
Automatically rebalancing ERC-20 long and short leveraged tokens based on r...
TokenBlendHackMoney 2021
TokenBlend - Asset allocation and rebalancing for your Enzyme funds and Eth...
Piped Piper
Piped PiperHackMoney 2021
A money streaming router built with Superfluid which takes multiple incomin...
Hansi's Project
Hansi's ProjectHackMoney 2021
We aim to make a great NFT project based on chainlink machine.
fun-dPoolHackMoney 2021
fundPool is a web3 kickstarter, that allows you to fundraise for projects b...
RunETHHackMoney 2021
An on-chain proof-of-workout decentralised application to help people devel...
AlephHackMoney 2021
A non collateralised investment platform for margin trading (shorting and l...
TennerrHackMoney 2021
The project is a decentralised marketplace for freelance services built aro...
gumdropsteve's silent disco
gumdropsteve's silent discoHackMoney 2021
wip, got busy, yikers wip, got busy, yikers 3333333333333333333333333333333...
Li.FinanceHackMoney 2021
Li.Finance allows cross-chain any-to-any swaps by aggregating cross-chain l...
GG.fiHackMoney 2021
GG.fi is an open-source and decentralized lose-less betting platform
NFT Crowd Drop
NFT Crowd DropHackMoney 2021
A new way to sell NFTs where instead of doing an auction you just deposit E...
GeoPSHackMoney 2021
Geolocation Payment Streams (GeoPS) - An application that can open and clos...
DEFI FOR DUMMIES / Visual research on DeFi
TidenHackMoney 2021
Accept payments as interest-earning USDC from anywhere in the world.
EthicHub: Yield Farmers to Actual Farmers
EthicHub: Yield Farmers to Actual FarmersHackMoney 2021
Fixed interest stable coin NFT Bonds connecting DeFi and real world coffee ...
P2P Advertising
P2P AdvertisingHackMoney 2021
P2P advertising using Polygon Blockchain and Chainlink. It also uses Chainl...
DIFOHackMoney 2021
DIFO - Derivated Income Funding Operations; Non-zero-sum strucure - For fun...
Lenders.financeHackMoney 2021
Undercollatoral Loan "Ecosystem" on a time-restricted basis.
CuneiformHackMoney 2021
Cuneiform project, in its base form, is an intellectual property tokenizer ...
NFTicketizeHackMoney 2021
NFTicketize is DApp for create events (Concerts, Conferences, Festivals, Se...
DeepFinHackMoney 2021
Deep tier financing (300B $ Market) to solve cash flow problems for the dee...
SoundPulseHackMoney 2021
The SoundPulse pieces are uniquely generated audio-visual artworks which ar...
Queens Gambit
Queens GambitHackMoney 2021
This project uses superfluid streaming payments to make a NFT piggy bank wi...
IrrevocableHackMoney 2021
Irrevocable provides a trustless smart contract for NFT sellers to guarante...
Horse Race
Horse RaceHackMoney 2021
A investing/betting site that gamifies investing to encourage FOMOers to in...
Eth Fund
Eth FundHackMoney 2021
A site that lists campaigns or missions for fundraising, it accepts any cry...
CrescentHackMoney 2021
One simple wallet to instantly earn stable high-yield interest rates on you...
Talon HackMoney 2021
Talon is a Dapp that connects a persons Twitter account to their Ethereum w...
ConvexityHackMoney 2021
Enabling fixed rate deposits and stable rate borrowing on Compound
DeChessHackMoney 2021
Play chess with your friends on a decentralized peer-to-peer platform, feat...
WickedHackMoney 2021
Currency hedging made easy. Create / Trade / Settle tokenized long / shor...
Crypto Trust
Crypto TrustHackMoney 2021
The worlds first fully automated yield earning trust fund platform powered ...
Multichain Snapshot
Multichain SnapshotHackMoney 2021
We attempted to build a multi-chain governance tool that integrates with Sn...
AboneroHackMoney 2021
Grow your trusted credit line. Build your plan, make payments, expend and g...
Dash Mon[k]ey
Dash Mon[k]eyHackMoney 2021
manage your web3 money in a web3 way — a casual interface into the not so c...
LendNFTHackMoney 2021
A platform to borrow and lend NFT, and use NFT as a collateral.
stakeall.financeHackMoney 2021
DeFi Platform for staking in various POS protocols. Allows users to borrow...
AlphaClawHackMoney 2021
NFT appraisal pricing model using keras, Deep learning using CNN + autoenco...
Yogeshwar B K
Yogeshwar B KHackMoney 2021
HubShare- A decentralized file share system with decryption to share files ...
OverflowHackMoney 2021
A DeFi Native Credit System that allows people to earn interest on their s...
DefirisHackMoney 2021
Interest Rate Swaps made easy built using 88mph, Aave and Compound. Bet on ...
MagnanimityHackMoney 2021
A digital donation DApp that builds on the idea of mutual funds and robo-in...
KōenHackMoney 2021
Crypto Tip-Jar and Subscription service for creators.They can accept finan...
BamsaHackMoney 2021
Build NFT subgraphs for specific contracts using The Graph - opensea
Fractional NFT Royalties
Fractional NFT RoyaltiesHackMoney 2021
Exploring how royalties could be paid out to a single or multiple NFTs for ...
Yield Swap Protocol
Yield Swap ProtocolHackMoney 2021
Yield Swap is a Decentralized Exchange that allows users to swap variable a...
HarmonyScanHackMoney 2021
User friendly Website for Harmony to access Dune Analytics dashboards as we...
DiscoveryHackMoney 2021
Discovery is an application that helps educate and onboard both users and d...
SuperExchangeHackMoney 2021
An exchange where users can trade using streams instead of atomic, instant ...
Blockhead: The HackMoney DeFi Update
Blockhead: The HackMoney DeFi UpdateHackMoney 2021
I'm on a mission to build the best interface for viewing and interacting wi...
Patreon NFT
Patreon NFTHackMoney 2021
Content sharing platform that allows creators to give access to their conte...
GIVE  ♥️
GIVE ♥️HackMoney 2021
Our mission is to create a social positive donation platform which maximize...
Streaming Farms
Streaming FarmsHackMoney 2021
Using the Superfluid protocol to build a general version of streaming farms...
AutonetHackMoney 2021
Self-contained economy for distributed deep learning applications. It allow...
Compound Swaps
Compound SwapsHackMoney 2021
Collateral swaps on Compound - Swap collateral without a smart wallet
FairdropHackMoney 2021
Interface to create merkle airdrops and reward specific users based on thei...
Alex Svoboda
Alex SvobodaHackMoney 2021
Betting mini-game meant for L2, meant to be completely transparent for 'hou...
SundialHackMoney 2021
Sundial combines streaming payments with DAICO, and introduces decentralize...
Crypto Manager
Crypto ManagerHackMoney 2021
Crypto Manager (Tracker)
Integrating Badger Sett Vaults into Enzyme
Integrating Badger Sett Vaults into EnzymeHackMoney 2021
An adapter for Enzyme to enable Enzyme Vault Managers to deposit capital in...
SplitsHackMoney 2021
Automatically route funds from one address to set of addresses
NiftySubsHackMoney 2021
Pay-as-you-use Decentralized Video Streaming Platform + Video NFT's.
Jacque's Book
Jacque's BookHackMoney 2021
a highly-customizable defi focused Profit/Loss tracker for the average yiel...
USA Wallet
USA WalletHackMoney 2021
A wallet/dashboard localization to help on-board American no-coiners.
Aave Explorer
Aave ExplorerHackMoney 2021
Aave Explorer allows you to explore how the Aave V2 protocol is being used ...
RealEstateDAOTokensHackMoney 2021
A real Estate NFT liquidity / wrapping platform that can provide access to ...
Wrapd Whackd
Wrapd WhackdHackMoney 2021
It's WHACKD, but WRAPD! Wrapped WHACKD lets you transfer WHACKD without inc...
EtherScoreHackMoney 2021
DeFi community curation using NFTs based on Ethereum transaction history
Climate Warriors
Climate WarriorsHackMoney 2021
Climate Warriors team up to fight for the planet. Join as an Amazon Defende...
HippodromeHackMoney 2021
The cheapest and easiest way to onboard value to the Polygon network.
typtoHackMoney 2021
Decentralized tipping for youtube creators, even if they don't have an ethe...
Bright Risk Index
Bright Risk IndexHackMoney 2021
The Bright Risk Index (BRI) is a diversified basked of risk cover staking p...
Better Yield
Better YieldHackMoney 2021
Explore different strategies to achieve better yield for crypto assets
defuma: decentralized fund management
defuma: decentralized fund managementHackMoney 2021
A fund manager creates a fund, invites depositors to earn interest, and inv...
Xfolio Web
Xfolio WebHackMoney 2021
An alternative Chrome extension Ethereum wallet with native support of Unis...
italicsHackMoney 2021
Italics: Sell a PDF on your Website. We're building an ERC-1155 ecosystem f...
DecentraPayHackMoney 2021
Automated credit card bill payment using DeFI income -- bridging DeFi and C...
TiramisuHackMoney 2021
Tiramisu is a safe, multi-layered, decentralized all-in-one platform for sa...
BucketlyHackMoney 2021
Bridging L1 to L2 one bucket at a time. A bucketful of txns fire off all at...
MimicHackMoney 2021
Mimic - DeFi DAO - A platform focused on helping people diversify they cryp...
TokenartHackMoney 2021
​ Tokenart is an Opensource and decentralized project resulting from univer...
StreamswapHackMoney 2021
Seamlessly trade one Superfluid flow for another of equivalent value.
KomodoHackMoney 2021
Komodo is a commodities trading protocol. It allows anyone to mint, buy or ...
frak-a-satHackMoney 2021
frak-a-sat enables DeFi users to own fractionalised synths of space object ...
DegenfolioHackMoney 2021
Multi-chain financial history visualizer and tax form generator
WBTC Curve Yield Strategy
WBTC Curve Yield StrategyHackMoney 2021
WBTC rewards strategy for Badger SettV3 vaults on Polygon using Curve ren p...
NostraSwapHackMoney 2021
A new-generation AMM that provides a stable and secure price oracle, and of...
Safe CDP Farmer
Safe CDP FarmerHackMoney 2021
You want to have CDP and farm benefits by borrowed money, but you have no t...
EVIDOHackMoney 2021
decentralized platform for journalism providing anonymity to journalists w...
Instadapp PoolTogether Connector
Instadapp PoolTogether ConnectorHackMoney 2021
Using Instadapp to create a connector to PoolTogether to deposit and withdr...
JishnUshanaHackMoney 2021
Combining Blockchain and Data Analytics to get rid of cookies
Lending Circle on Polygon
Lending Circle on PolygonHackMoney 2021
A sou-sou (su-su or susu) is an informal rotating savings club.
TesserHackMoney 2021
Tesser: the magic DeFi portfolio manager. Instantly migrate your funds from...
Superfluid EPNS
Superfluid EPNSHackMoney 2021
Implementing notifications for Superfluid via EPNS - Our hack involved an i...
Hourglass Finance
Hourglass FinanceHackMoney 2021
World’s first zero slippage stablecoin swap with unique swap mining feature
WidoHackMoney 2021
Best UI for yearn! Discover highest earning vaults, access historical APY a...
SplineHackMoney 2021
L2-native aggregator for L1 yield. Same returns, exponentially lower fees.
Milliondollartokenpage - now with DeFi!
Milliondollartokenpage - now with DeFi!HackMoney 2021
Content billboard using NFTs for ownership and DeFi staking rewards for use...
DivvyHackMoney 2021
Divvy is bringing DeFi to the gambling world to redefine the way people bet...
Checkpoints NFT
Checkpoints NFTHackMoney 2021
A crowd-sourcing platform for game developers and creatives that lets their...
SuperXEROXHackMoney 2021
This super XEROX NFT printing machine could be used to make copies of your ...
Default Swap Protocol
Default Swap ProtocolHackMoney 2021
On-chain Default Swap providing lenders with protection from economic loss ...
LoanRingHackMoney 2021
LoanRing is an application that increases the utility of static cryptocurre...
Decentralized Remittance
Decentralized RemittanceHackMoney 2021
By opting in for a delay in your DAI transaction, use defi to pay for your ...
WiseHackMoney 2021
CLI tool for ENS like whois, it supports print some recoreds, address, reso...
Uniswap Box
Uniswap BoxHackMoney 2021
A grid trade tool base on uniswap,It helps people to trade on dex
UniswapV3 Liquidity Rebalancer
UniswapV3 Liquidity RebalancerHackMoney 2021
This project aims to give users an automated solution to generate high fees...
Defi Toolbox   - Defi (lego) builders Toolbox
Defi Toolbox - Defi (lego) builders ToolboxHackMoney 2021
A Hardhat plugin – the deployment scripts for leading Defi protocols.
Polynomial Protocol
Polynomial ProtocolHackMoney 2021
Highly Efficient Options Liquidity Protocol using UMA and Uniswap v3
NoTrustHackMoney 2021
NoTrust is an NFT lending protocol. Use NFT as a collateral to borrow money...
IncrementHackMoney 2021
Increment is a Forex Derivatives Protocol. Empowering retail and institutio...
SimpleCollateralSwapHackMoney 2021
This is Simple CollateralSwap demonstration with AAVE and UniSwap.
G Yield
G YieldHackMoney 2021
A project to provide stable quick turn around yields on your DeFi Protocol ...
Crypto Signals Oracle
Crypto Signals OracleHackMoney 2021
Provides a Crypto Trading Signal Oracle to Smart Contracts or Trading Bots ...
Enable simple lending from bitgo wallet
Enable simple lending from bitgo walletHackMoney 2021
Simple Compound Lending Portal from both Metamask and Bitgo Wallet
Global Government - Digital Economy - New Social Contract - New World Order
Global Government - Digital Economy - New Social Contract - New World OrderHackMoney 2021
Global Government - Digital Economy - New Social Contract - New World Order
bm-dappHackMoney 2021
A bare minimum dapp front-end for your decentralized web3 application. Crea...
supersaiyanHackMoney 2021
Supersaiyan is a decentralised platform that allows anyone to create a subs...
Aletheia - Inflation Oracle
Aletheia - Inflation OracleHackMoney 2021
An inflation oracle that uses a decentralised network of feeds to determine...
OpenhouseHackMoney 2021
Openhouse is a project to prototype Synchronous Social Media with Community...
PolycashHackMoney 2021
Payment Links on Polygon. Create a full payment page in just a few clicks a...
A history of our making
A history of our makingHackMoney 2021
Datavisualisation tracking the growth of defi protocol governance
Crypto Giveaway Wheel
Crypto Giveaway WheelHackMoney 2021
Airdrop app with a spinning wheel that randomly selects one lucky winner fo...
FIL Bounty
FIL BountyHackMoney 2021
A decentralized app to create bounties in exchange for files. Complete Boun...
YieldWellHackMoney 2021
Lend your ETH to yield pools for funding microenterprises. Yield farmers fu...
TenderizeHackMoney 2021
Tenderize is a liquid staking yield aggregator for web3 protocols that allo...
PayquilHackMoney 2021
An interface for creating shareable payment IDs on Ethereum.
PerpetuityHackMoney 2021
Perpetual options market that let's you write/buy perpetual options for WET...
Buyao duowoshou
Buyao duowoshouHackMoney 2021
Is an interactive game based on Bumo chain, the main content refers to the ...
SuperKarmaHackMoney 2021
A Decentralised Autonomous Non Profit Orginisation that accepts donations t...
BlocksHackMoney 2021
Blocks is an AMM which sells conditional blocks which payout depending on t...
NFMHackMoney 2021
Our idea is to create a new way to interact with your favourite celebrities...
Symphony Finance
Symphony FinanceHackMoney 2021
IGLO or interest generating limit orders utilize open limit orders on the o...
Concert Coin
Concert CoinHackMoney 2021
A concert specific NFT that acts as a ticket preceding the event and a digi...
Polygon Arbitrage Bot
Polygon Arbitrage BotHackMoney 2021
A bot that identifies arbitrage opportunities on Polygon using custom arith...
Wolta Finance
Wolta FinanceHackMoney 2021
Yield optimizer on Polygon focusing on providing a low-entry barrier for us...
SubscriptionXHackMoney 2021
A content-agnostic open source subscription payment model using superfluid,...
TroveItHackMoney 2021
A decentralized social media platform for content creators and a donation ...
Investment Pool for Charitable Giving
Investment Pool for Charitable GivingHackMoney 2021
Donor Directed Invesetment Fund for Charitable Giving. Donors receive imme...
OwnYou by Alejandra M Salaverria
OwnYou by Alejandra M SalaverriaHackMoney 2021
App: OwnYou - your KEY to unlock VALUE, Own and Control PII (Personally Ide...
Badger Compound Strategies
Badger Compound StrategiesHackMoney 2021
leveraging Compound to earn yield on wBTC for a Badger Sett Vault (Yearn V...
OptynHackMoney 2021
Option protocol for crypto currencies, tokens, commodities, stocks, forex &...
SIGMAHackMoney 2021
Microblogging platform based on Streamr. Monetize your content in a simple ...