Azulo is a decentralized family trust platform and protocol. With the ability to create trusts, manage and govern joint assets with decentralised governance, distributions and defi integrations for yield. An Azulo trust consists of trustees as the signers who have control over the trust and beneficiaries receiving distributions from the trust as one-off payments or recurring distributions. Trustees are able to view and manage their trusts, such as adding and managing assets, changing trust rules and managing distributions. For HackMoney, the team explored three new core platform functionalities. Including individual trust governance, earning yields on trusts assets, and providing transparency for total wealth held in trusts and distributions.

Azulo showcase

How it's made

The project is built using React.js, web3.js, and Truffle as its core components. In order to create the trust smart contract multi-sig wallets, we are interacting with the Gnosis Safe Contracts. We are using Gnosis Safe Transaction Service to keep track of the transactions to and from the trust wallets. Essential for providing the multi-sig UI functionality. In order to achieve periodic streaming of distributions to beneficiaries, we are utilising the Superfluid Finance SDK, with adaptations to override the browser wallet connect to utilise the trust address as the payee. The DAO proposal framework for guiding decision-making of the Azulo platform. Each proposal ID is represented by an IPFS hash which contains the needed data to execute the outcome of the proposal vote. An ENS address was created when the DAO was established to connect the address with the formation of the DAO. Stakeholders can cast votes during the timeframe determined when the proposal was created. The contract relies on a Realitio oracle to provide the correct vote outcome so that no malicious transactions are executed.   We integrated the 88mph protocol to allow users to earn a yield on their trust assets. This allows trust beneficiaries to invest shared funds while maintaining a conservative investment approach. Trust assets can be invested in either Fixed interest rate bonds, floating interest rate bonds, or zero-coupon bonds. The transparency component was built using TheGraph to query the blockchain of multiple contracts and events. Including the trust proxy creation contract, trusts transaction events. Popular defi tokens for tracking total assets in and out of trusts, and UniSwap pair contracts for getting the total value of assets in USD.

Technologies used

88mphENSEthereumGnosis MultisigSoliditySuperfluidThe GraphUniswap