We have built a platform that allows creators to create their own page and receive payments using the Polygon Network. The steps for creators are as follows:- - Sign up using Metamask wallet - Create a page by adding personal information - Share link with friends so they can support you Supporters can come to the creator's page and pay him Matic tokens. This matic is auto converted into DAI stablecoins and sent to the creators account. Sending money in Matic allows one click payment. For ERC20 tokens we need to build a more complex flow. Our Current Roadmap is as follows: 1. Make site responsive 2. Accept multiple tokens and add ability to get paid in multiple tokens 3. Add ability to earn interest on Aave We will use half of the bounty for hosting charges and the other half to buy ourselves coffees while we code :)

Buy Me a Coffee Polygon showcase

How it's made

We used the Polygon Blockchain for very cheap transactions. We deployed a smart contract on the polygon blockchain that uses QuickSwap to convert MATIC Into DAI. If a user sends MATIC tokens to this smart contract it converts it into DAI and sends the DAI to the creator. The gas fees is paid by the supporter at the moment but it is really low. The website is built on top of Bubble. We built and open sourced a bubble plugin which enables Metamask functionality into Bubble. This will allow hundreds of No-code developers to use web3 functionality.

Technologies used