This project will offer a web application allowing any assets owner to get recommandations on Nexus Mutual covers based on the assets they detain in their wallet. The objective is to offer good UX in order to recommend all the covers especially for specific DeFi protocols that are built on top of others so that the user knows what cover to choose and why they need to choose them.

Centurio showcase

How it's made

We worked with a Contract First Swagger documentation and divided the work between the front and the back. The backend was made in Kotlin with the Ktor framework and the frontend was built with React, Tailwind, Vitejs, Web3.js. We wanted to optimize the bandwith used for the token's images loading by creating a CDN. All the designs were created with Figma. To retrieve data about the user's wallet & assets information we use Ethplorer API. For the contracts we used the data provided by Nexus Mutual. Recommandations are stored in a relational database (PostgreSQL).

Technologies used

Nexus Mutual