A platform to allow researchers to recieve CiteCoin based on the amount of citations their papers recieve


This is a platform created in junction with a new ETH-based cryptocurrency CiteCoin CTC. We want to support researchers by creating a platform for them to upload their papers, so that if another user on the site generates a citation which matches the citation details of a paper from a researcher on the platform, then the researcher will gain an amount of CTC. CTC is created and added to a pool by all users when they join and receive ads (à la BAT).

CiteMe showcase

How it's made

React-based front end with a planned MERN stack; planned MetaMask integration; and all built on ETH network. We're planning to build a citation generator; first it's going to be manual input, then it will be building a chrome extension that can read the data on the page instead of relying on manual input.