This project combines real-world gamification, lending pools, governance, and royalty streaming to make up the core functionality of the Creative Platform. The Creative Platform is a platform for creatives of all types to collaborate, initialize crowdfunding, and submit content directly to brands of all industries while also boosting fan engagements. Brands: * Create a new campaign to add liquidity to a pool that creatives can submit content to by depositing USDC. * After the submission deadline, a governance vote is put in place for choosing the winner. - Fans can vote for winners based on staking mechanisms using Creative token (CRTV). * Earned interest and final NFT from the campaign pool goes to the winners and participants of the brand's campaign. Creatives: * Can submit to brand campaigns via uploaded content. * Mint streaming royalty NFTs * Collaborate with other creatives * Open individual liquidity pools (after unlocking the perk based on your "Star Power" metrics). - These liquidity pools can be used for touring, album budgets, music videos, etc. Fans: * Can stake into a creative's liquidity pool. * Can vote on creative decision's throughout the artist's career. * Can vote on NFT brand submissions. * Win exclusive and rare (creative x brand) collaboration NFT assets that earn royalties. * Streamed social tokens.

Creative showcase

How it's made

This project involves the NFT minting process from Creative to Rarible protocol. Once the user logs in via metamask a PKI is created for each user granting them their own textile bucket (IPFS). The user can then choose to mint directly to Rarible from their library, or submit the NFT to a campaign LP. We are working on implementing daily streaming royalties via SuperFluid but will need more time on implementation once Rarible is live on Mainnet.

Technologies used

IPFSPolygonRarible ProtocolSuperfluid