This project is a fun airdrop app that accepts crypto or NFTs from one party and distributes it to event participants. It is meant to be used as a promotional marketing tool for Community Builders and any protocol that wants to give out their tokens for exposure. For participants, this daily micro-payment that is completely free for them incentivizes everyone to come out to events, learn more, and be more engaged with their community. An event sponsor contributes some cryptocurrency or NFTs to the pot. Users then register for the event. Then when registration closes a wheel is spun and a user is randomly selected to be the grand prize winner (They receive 25% of the pot, or a "grand prize NFT"). All other participants spit 70% of the pot, and 5% goes to the dev team wallet to pay for gas and allow the team to continue to add features and patch any bugs.

Crypto Giveaway Wheel showcase

How it's made

The prototype was created with Figma, but the frontend will be built with React and Web3.js. We used Solidity for the smart contracts, Chainlink VFR to randomly select winner, Superfluid IDA to distribute to multiple wallets, AAVE to earn interest on the developers' portion, and will be deployed on Polygon for the minimal gas fees.