Provides a Simpler source of truth data toolset (As an Oracle) to developers creating Centeralized or Decentralized solutions such as Trading Bots, Token Sets, Defi Daos Today, oracles exist for pricing but there remains a significant effort to process prices and determine action triggers such as trading. This solution offers an connection through Chainlink to Smart Contracts on ETH or any Chainlink smart contract platform that can receive actionable triggers as callbacks into their contracts that can then be used for DeFI algorithms that focus on the trading, etc rather than data collection and aggregation.

Crypto Signals Oracle showcase

How it's made

The project has 3 parts. 1. A source of truth Oracle that that delivers signals when conditions are met. This component is built in NodeJS and has 3 main components A: Rest-API to take chainlink job requests (with exchange, crypto Pair, and conditions defined with technical indicators (such as SMA, RSI). B: A signal processor that connects to supported sources of truth and aggregates price changes into these indicators. C: A subscription monitor that tests conditions of requests against signals and sends a satisfied trigger to back to the caller's callback function via chainlink 2: The oracle chainlink adapter that acts as an alias from the Smart Contract to the Oracle (using the Chainlink Adapter protocol and deployed on chainlink nodes.) This Solution is Also built in Node JS with 3 functions a; Listener on the Chainlink Protocol (A Chainlink Oracle Script) b: Interfaces to Oracle Above c: Passes callback onto the Chainlink Network 3. A functioning Chainlink Node on the Kovan Test Net Adapters are installed on Nodes Nodes process oracle requests from Smart Contracts

Technologies used