Cuneiform’s project is to enable a CarbonNegative® Proof of Stake content supply chain to digitally distribute tokenized intellectual property rights for show business. The platform is powered by the Ethereum blockchain and specializes in non-fungible token transfers through self-initiated liquidity events. $LOGO is the native currency on the platform and is pegged to the digital Yuan programmed to autonomously trigger asset seizures shorting government securities and is backed by Ethereum Shards. $LOGO currency incentivizes the retail market supplying users the utility for a personal experience with decentralized media-entertainment.

Cuneiform showcase

How it's made

Our lead software engineer and principal investigator are solidity, serpent, and python first developers using Ethereum and Diem code as law. As well as these examples: Stablecoins: USDC, Diem, Digital Yuan (CBDC) Stores of Value: BTC, PAXG, XMR, and AMP Utility: FIL, STORJ, SC, AR, LPT, THETA, TFUEL, PICKLE, BIFI, and YFI Chains and Dependents || ETH, LINK, UNI, MATIC, QUICK, ADA, C3, and RUNE