Profit-sharing is the single, most important step towards Progressive Decentralization and truly autonomous communities. The d-Pad Café makes it a 2-step process for you to kick-off an automated, Web3-Native Profit-Sharing Agreement. Measure the exact interaction rate of each user/participant to your protocol, and let our Quadratic Distribution model ensure a fair reward to anyone. You & your founding team included!

d-Pad Café showcase

How it's made

We built a protocol for Profit-Sharing Economy as a Service - allowing any Decentralized Protocol to bootstrap their Web3-Native Economy on the Polygon Network! For doing this, we use: - a re-usable Chainlink External Adapter for an iterative Covalent job that tracks interactions to a specific protocol's contract - Superfluid's Constant Flow Agreement (CFA) to distribute our Quadratically calculated shares of profit to users active in a protocol - And Textile, for a Powerful, direct gateway to IPFS, and decentralized & persistent cloud storage for truly pseudonymous interaction's metadata.

Technologies used