DAOMoon is a DeFi Strategy that uses wBTC to create generative yield. We enhance that yield through borrowing with the capitol to a leveraged position several times. On Aave through lending to generate yield. That yield is returned as wBTC to participants. We developed the strategy with the intent that fees generated from the protocol are used to provide long term liquidity to DAOs. It provides liquidity to DAOs by purchasing DAO tokens.

DAOMoon showcase

How it's made

We used Aave to borrow and generate APY with wBTC that has ENS support. We used a live price oracle with ChainLink. We developed a leveraged position that increased our yield. And we sent our funds to a Gnosis MultiSig. We repay our loan with an Aave flashloan to unwind our position. We used Scaffold-Eth and Instadapp for front-end development. And built and compiled with Hardhat and Brownie.

Technologies used

AaveBadgerChainlinkFleekGnosis MultisigHardhatInfuraInstaDAppIPFSLiquityMetaMaskscaffold-ethSolidityThe GraphTruffleUniswapYearn