Dash Mon[k]ey

manage your web3 money in a web3 way — a casual interface into the not so casual defi world


The project began as a way for me to manage my decentralised money and truly utilise web3. With all the financial opportunities, it seems like a glaring mistake to not capitalise. Having said that, living life in profit and loss percent mindset, around the clock is sure to be damaging. Hence, Dash Mon[k]ey — For me to impart my monkey brain into money. Perhaps, for you too.

Dash Mon[k]ey showcase

How it's made

Currently, project is incomplete. Unfortunately, I had thought the deadline was four days later than what it actually is. However, HackMoney2021 served a very important purpose — specify the domain of the project. Hence, this portion will detail the plan of development over the next month. As it stands now, Dash Mon[k]ey will be a command line utility that deploys bots to trade on decentralised exchanges and send price and chain log notifications. The choice for a command line utility is made as I am more comfortable in python, and also because python allows for a better experience than javascript or typescript. Moreover, I wish to extend this with some algorithmic trading and python is a preferred choice there. As for user experience, I need more time to answer some questions about UI/UX and hence, would likely interface the deployed application via a discord bot. Seeing that most of the crypto community is on discord, it seems apt to have a personal server where one can manage the bots remotely. Simple commands decoded by regex should provide ample functionality. I also hope to be able to test the util on a Raspberry Pi so I can simply connect the small device anywhere and trade anywhere with a network connection with ease. This part of the project is heavily inspired by [Zeronet](https://zeronet.io/). Also, this part of the project is quite aspirational. As for web3 technologies I plan on using the following projects' api/services (note, this includes sponsors from this hackathon and more), - Covalent :: To watch addresses, get chain data, and backtest trading strategies - 1inch :: Trade on their network, Margin Trade - Uniswap :: Trade on their network - Perpetual Protocol :: Trade perpetual contracts - Polygon (previously Matic) :: Copy Trading network - The Graph :: Subgraph for copy trading network - Superfluid :: Tipping and fees, Trading time bounded contracts - Unlock Protocol :: Access Tokens - NuCypher :: Access Granting

Technologies used

1inchCovalentThe Graph