Data Guard is a new class of Oasis Parcel Application for Limiting Data Sharing according to Upfront Mutually Agreed Programmed Rules. Applications are: Loan/Background Applications Review, GDPR/CCPA Audits without compromising actual data to auditors etc. In many real world situations such as loan/mortgage review or audit situations (e.g. GDPR/CCPA) a reviewer needs to make sure all the relevant data is given (e.g. bank statement with all lines) without omission yet the data owner wants to minimize access of reviewer due to privacy concern (for example only required lines of bank statement say transactions over $1000 and aggregated monthly balances are shared). Solutions is to agree upon review rules upfront and then a trusted 3rd party computer code/app (Data Guard) acts as mediator and runs the agreed rules over user data and shares only the relevant data. In many ways this is similar to "Special Master" in courts which can evaluate evidence in discovery process and only shares non-confidential items with the prosecutor/law enforcement. Data Guard is a new type of Oasis Parcel App that sits between a user (e.g. loan application) and a reviewer organization (e.g. Mortgage Lender) and guarantees limited and private data sharing through pre-agreed rules (e.g. only Bank Transaction over $1000 in last two months)

Data Guard (Limiting Data Sharing) showcase

How it's made

How It's Made: - Parcel Portal App with "Service" - Bank API (Plaid) to get user consent and user bank statements - Parcel Typescript API

Technologies used

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