The project intended to create an automated system for managing DeFi income for paying credit card bills. Currently it is only a prototype of what it might look like. It intends to provide a dashboard which clearly visualizes current positions in various DeFi protocols, current account balances across different bank accounts, and current balances across different credit cards. The goal was to display these three different areas as cards in three columns. Users can then connect the cards representing positions in different protocols to the different bank accounts to indicate how the DeFi income should be allocated in situations where balances on the different credit cards exceed the current bank balance. There is an actions section which allow users to convert positions in DeFI protocols directly into a cash position and balance with the click of a single button. The actions section is only populated when balances exceed the current bank balance.

DecentraPay showcase

How it's made

It uses Circle API for converting USDC to USD and Zapper APIs for balances on different protocols and managing conversions between different cryptocurrencies and USDC. I would need access to a real Plaid API and Circle API key to wire up the application. Currently, it's more of a somewhat functional UI mockup which uses eth-scaffold as the template. The Circle API is definitely essential for this idea to work and providing a programmatic mechanism for offramping crypto into fiat.

Technologies used