Deployment and interaction tasks for various Defi platforms like Uniswap V3, Compound V2, Aave, UMA, Balancer, Synthetix and many other well known protocols. A Hardhat plugin – provides deployment scripts for leading Defi protocols and market manipulation scripts to simulate common scenarios.

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How it's made

We have chosen 2 most popular Defi protocols: Unsiwap V3 & Compound Finances , and created Hardhat Tasks ( for deployment and protocol interaction , We divided uniswap V3 in 3 parts : Protocol core Deployment Task Create Uniswap Pool Task Add Liquidity Task We also divided Compound in 3 Tasks “ Protocol core Deployment (Comtproller) Task cToken Deployment Task OraclePrice Manipulation Task. Also we have created helper tasks for ECR20 contract and WETH9. The tasks can be imported in Hardhat Scripts and tests. Developers can easily run Local working Protocol and interact with it. Using hardhat scripts or test developers can easily deploy these protocols and write Atomic Contracts or integration scripts. You can also modify Smartcontracts add some debugging in the protocol code and see the results in the terminal Next Steps : 1. Add other protocols : Aave, UMA , Balancer etc ... 2. Add data generation scripts for example to fill the Uniswap protocol with many transactions and build custom Subgraphs fast using local data.

Technologies used