Divvy is bringing DeFi to the gambling world to redefine the way people bet. Together, we'll create a completely decentralized protocol. Be The House and provide liquidity to Divvy and share the profits generated by betting activity. As a user, you can deposit USDT into the House pool in return for House Tokens that represent your share of the pool as well as its profits. The Divvy Difference: Fair: Divvy allows Liquidity Providers to participate on an equal footing with the bettors by investing their funds into the House pool. Transparent: Every transaction is verifiable on the Solana blockchain, providing an industry-leading level of security. Trustworthy: Due to the immutable nature of smart contracts, all payouts are guaranteed and bets are settled instantly and autonomously. Non-Custodial: The concepts of deposits and withdrawals are eliminated for bettors thanks to Web3 and the non-custodial nature of the blockchain. Efficient: Thanks to the advancements of Solana, transaction fees are kept to a minimum while providing unmatched scalability.

Divvy showcase

How it's made

Our project uses react.js on the front-end for the user to interact with, and connects with metamask (and other wallets) via ethers.js for on chain transactions. We are using Polygon as our primary chain for lower gas fees and faster tx confirmations. Our frontend connects with a golang backend, used to fetch the required data like bets, odds, etc

Technologies used