Food Stamps meet crypto. DeFi for everyone Problem Food stamps don't work online In 2019, 38M Americans received food stamps.That's more than 10% of the U.S. population. The way that people shop has changed over time, but food stamps have remained the same. Currently, food stamps only work at limited physical stores and online retailers do not accept them. Millions people in America and Puerto Rico use federal assistance as their main source of food income. EBT.eth is creating a way for all of them to access digital economies. Democratizing digital economies

EBT.eth showcase

How it's made

Circle - On boarding Food stamps users and moving them to the realm of cryptocurrency. ENS - Pointing website hosted on Fleek to Ebt.eth Ethereum - Polygon/Truffle box Filecoin - Ganache/Truffle box Fleek - Utilizing Fleek storage and ENS configuration. Gnosis Protocol - Teach users how DeFi works. MetaMask - Integrating into mobile app.

Technologies used

CircleENSEthereumFilecoinFleekGnosis ProtocolMetaMask