A site that lists campaigns or missions for fundraising, it accepts any crypto tokens easily with transparency, NFT badges, fund payments, status, contributors have more control and understand the impact. Today, when we contribute to an organization, usually everything ends after we transferred the fund. The idea of this website is: - Bringing more transparency to increase engagement of contributors, to have them come back to the site to follow more updates, checking status of the last contributions, then it may lead to more contributions after that. - Increase the commitment of fundraisers. Campaign has multiple Phases which fundraisers need to deliver in order to receive contributions completely. During those phases, we may use technology like Aave to earn yields for the project. - Contributors can earn NFT Badges based on certain conditions (amount contributed, etc.). - In next releases, we can design a token system like share holders for contributors.

Eth Fund showcase

How it's made

This project uses: - React, Typescript on UI, NodeJS as the Backend. - Metamask, Ethereum, Rinkeby, Infura: transfer fund from user's wallet to compaign's wallet addresses. - Superfluid: to transfer, stream the fund over a period of time. - Plan to use Uniswap: swap different tokens to the one that users want to use to contribute. - ChainLink to get prices in USD, Aave for contribution yields.

Technologies used