EthicHub is currently a crowdlending platform financing smallholder farmers in xDai, offering better rates that their local "loan shark" and bringing them to an international market. To scale beyond the limits of classic crowdlending, we propose to build a Lending Pool of stable coins that will allocate fund to the farmers and invest the remaining liquidity in a DeFi project / aggregator, offering a stable interest to lenders.

EthicHub: Yield Farmers to Actual Farmers showcase

How it's made Balancer Asset Manager: We were planning on building a pool ourselves but this technology is perfect to manage liquidity. You can build custom made AMMs, and the AssetManager already handles a lot of the logic for rebalancing Our AssetManager: - Invest available liquidity in IdleFinance. - Has smart contracts to allow for fixed interest, fixed maturity loans to farmer communities, based on the smart contracts of Centrifuge's Tinlake protocol (Borrowing, Pile) If not enough liquidity is available, it will divest from Idle to borrow to farmers. IdleFinance Was the best yield for DAI at the moment and easiest to integrate yield aggregator. NFTBond: An NFT is minted when bought with a stable coin. It provides liqudity to the Balancer Pool (single asset join) and manages the LP tokens, allowing to withdraw liquidity after bond maturity bond terms (fixed interest, bond maturity) burning the NFT Out of scope for the hackaton is the existence of a common collateral and staking to cover the farmers credit line using the project's token (ETHIX) and the modellization of interest rates according to borrow demand, DeFi returns and LP incentivization.

Technologies used