fundPool is Kickstarter on web3. With fundPool you can find product-market fit and funds for your project before even mining the NFT. All you need is a crypto wallet. fundPool allows for users to lazy mint NFTs, meaning they don't actually pay for the minting of the NFT until after it's been funded. It also allows for multiple users to come together to purchase an NFT. This lowers the cost of entry into more expensive NFT projects. Furthermore, we have interest-bearing pools so while your money sits in the pool of a project you are supporting, it is also generating yield so that the project can reach its goal much faster. If the Kickstarter never goes thru, you can withdraw your money plus the interest incurred. Essentially paying you for participating.

fun-dPool showcase

How it's made

We use alot of different technologies to make this happen. Nuxt was used to generate the frontend of the project We hosted it using Fleek with leverages IPFS We used IPFS directly for storing Metadata until the pool hits its start and activates the minting. We leveraged chainlink to provide real-time price feeds for our contracts. We choose between AAVE and Compound to generate yields for our pools. We use ENS to be able to provide Pretty names in our UI, allowing for a better user experience. We use the Raible protocol for Lazy minting We also deployed our contracts on Rinkeby and Polygon (Production)

Technologies used

AaveCompoundENSEthereumFilecoinFleekIPFSMetaMaskPolygonRarible ProtocolRemixTruffle