*Test on Rinkeby only* is an open-source and decentralized lose-less betting platform. From sports to e-Sports, like UEFA, NBA, DotA2, Fortnite and more. With yield farming, even bet losers can earn. The prize pool will reinvest to DeFi protocol like Liquidity, Aave, Compound, or even Yield strategy provider like Idle, BadgerDAO, 88mph, Akropolis. Upon bet results conclude, the prize pool will distribute to bet winners while interest distributes among bet losers. Besides using ETH to bet, users can borrow assets or stablecoins like LUSD, USDC from lending platforms such as Liquidity. Because Ethereum is a price volatile asset, more users prefer stablecoins on daily spending. For futures, may grow into bet-any dapp showcase

How it's made

*Test on Rinkeby only* *Facing CORS issue when deploying - Fastest solution: Install Allow CORS extension* This project uses Chainlink oracle to retrieve results from 3rd party API. Due to knowledge limitation, yield protocol, yield strategy provider and lending platform are not yet implemented. But will continue to hack after this hackathon. Stay tuned. The first lose-less decentralized betting platform

Technologies used