A dashboard built on Dune Analytics for Harmony. We're utilizing Dune Analytics to create data visualizations of the bridge contracts on Harmony as well as looking for solutions to analyze and compare the Dexs on Harmony with that on Ethereum, eg. viperDAO with Uniswap/Pancakeswap

HarmonyScan showcase

How it's made

This project consists of two parts: Dune Analytics Dashboards & Coingecko API. First, we constructed the Dune Analytics Dashboard with SQL where we queried the bridge table to form concrete data. After which, upon JC's suggestion, we proceeded to create a user friendly website for our dashboards to host our future dashboards from the contracts we've sent for decoding. Next, our focus is to generate a comparison between exchange volume between 2 exchanges, which is what we can currently support now. Coingecko API includes some notable exchanges from Harmony such as Viperswap, therefore we decided to rely on Coingecko API to query data on exchanges. For our frontend, we used React and Material UI to create the logic for our components to integrate with each other. For the exchange data, we utilized Axios to run a http get request to Coingeko.

Technologies used