A DEFI protocol that uses NFTs to distribute shares of the protocols. The project will let the user buy an NFT. The amount payed for this NFT is locked in a protocol like Compound The user will earn the interest and Comp token from his NFT purchase as long as he holds it. The traders can borrow from that Compound pool to use as flash loans to trade on the protocol. Every loan generate fees that are added to the NFT holders earning. 1 NFT that earn for ever. The Liquidity Providers only need one asset to create swappable orders that earn fees every time it's traded. The Traders/swappers can earn based on the amount of orders they fill when trading.

Hoola.eth showcase

How it's made

This project is built on Ethereum with Solidity. We use; Hardhat Gnosis(safe app) WalletConnect Web3 ENS (Ens names instead of addresses) IPFS (NFTs) Compound where we lock up some funds from NFT's LP providers. wBTC

Technologies used

BadgerBitGoCompoundCTokensENSEthereumGnosis MultisigIPFSMetaMaskSolidityTruffle