A website that utilizes traditional horse race style betting and applies it to cryptocurrency. Each week there is a selection of about 5-10 cryptocurrencies that act as the horses. Once betting ends, the race begins! Whichever currency has the largest percent gain in a week is the winner of the race, and if a user bets correctly they win. A user can bet ETH through MetaMask. The bettings takes place from Saturday to Sunday and the race itself from Monday to Friday, payouts happen over the weekend.

Horse Race showcase

How it's made

We used MetaMask to get ethereum payments, as that is the most popular wallet for web3. We used Google Sheets as a database to store addresses and what those addresses bet on and how much. We then used the web3 API to write the payout code. The code itself was written using node js so we could have a clear server-client separation. There is also implementation for Infura for testing the project. Finally we planned on using Covalent to display live prices and changes throughout the week although that implementation was not finished.

Technologies used