Currently, there isn't an intuitive tool to help people keep track of their PnL. There are many tools that query for current balances (, for more please click [here](, and there are also tools that calculate liquidity pool PnL ([](, [](, please click the above link for more) but no one has really cracked the code when it comes to showing PnL across the whole portfolio. The problem they all had is that they tried to automate everything within the app - calculate PnL based on on-chain data. The truth is, calculating PnL is inherently subjective. A trade may be included in calculation for one trader's PnL, but it may not be included for another trader. For example, a trader may take profit for a trade along the way up. This makes it difficult to track his overall PnL for this trade. Therefore, I believe that a tool that allows the user to select what data they want to include will be the best for calculating portfolio PnL. You can think of this tool as a specialized excel. We make it seamless for users to calculate PnL - all users have to do is think about what trades she wants to count toward PnL, then punch in the relevant information.

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How it's made

The project make use of react and typescript. We also make use of Covalent's API to show people transaction data in an easily identifiable way. We use Coingecko, Zapper, and CoinAPI's endpoints to retrieve live and historical prices of tokens. We plan on integrating a better drag and drop package to make the transaction selection process more seamless. We also plan on integrating wallet connection.

Technologies used