This project is a payment platform that allows creators to start accepting crypto payments, as easily as possible. As soon as they log in, a wallet is generated for them and they can share their profile link on social media to start receiving payments. Previous meta mask users can login with their wallets directly. Supporters can send payments with their own Metamask wallets. Anyone with crypto can now donate to their favourite creators, with zero platform fees. This process is a lot more seamless and cheaper than existing traditional payment providers.

Kōen showcase

How it's made

The frontend is built with React and Tailwind CSS. A user can login with Google auth or Metamask. Metamask login involves storing a signature signed with the user's private key and a NONCE message, on the backend. The Golang backend currently only takes care of auth and storing USer details. For the google auth user, we generate a Polygon based wallet and store it securely in Google drive. It is stored in the "AppData" folder which no one has access to except the user and Koen platform for signing transactions. We think this is game-changing ​as it lowers the barrier for new users who are not familiar with crypto. We also used Syuperfluid for streaming payments over a specified period of time (monthly subscriptions), which traditional payment providers do not have and give the choice of not being locked into a payment period, for supporters. This is our first foray into crypto and we're very excited about how much we learnt and the progress we've made. I think this is only the beginning of a journey we've set ourselves on.

Technologies used